Photos related to the Bryant Brewer family of Van Buren and Crawford County, Arkansas

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Bryant Brewer with a Singer sewing machine. The little girl is probably daughter Florence. The lady on the right is unidentified.

Isaac Nelson Brewer 1950 brother of Bryant Brewer

James Thomas Brewer - 1904

Florence (Brewer Allen) Farmer and grandkids 1959, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Florence Brewer Allen Farmer, Fort Smith, Arkansas, 1959

Florence Elnore Brewer ca.1900, Crawford County, Arkansas

Bryant and Sarah Walker Brewer marriage license in Illinois dated 7 April 1868.  17 year old Bryant married Sarah who was ten years his senior.


Florence and mother Margaret "Maggie" (Adams) Brewer - possibly taken about 1900. I think Maggie bears a striking resemblence to Florence in later life and to several of her Allen grandchildren.

Florence (Brewer) and Guy Farmer possibly about 1955. We have no information about Guy Farmer or the date of the marriage between Florence and Guy.  The unidentified men were possibly from Fort Chaffee

Sons of Bryant and Sarah Walker Brewer.  
Left to right: Richard F. Brewer; George H. Brewer; Charles A. Brewer; James T. Brewer; John W. Brewer.

Darthula (Weaver) Brewer, wife of Daniel Brewer, brother of Bryant Brewer (ca.1930)

Ronald N. Wall
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